Marsh Pressure Gauges & Thermometers

 Marshalltown instrument gauges and
 thermometers were merged with
 Marsh a few years ago.

bulletGeneral Service Gauges - Steel Case (Series J)
bulletDial Sizes:  1", 2", 2",3" & 4
bulletPressures:  vacuum to 5,000 Psi.
bulletEconomic Prices
bulletLiquid Filled:
bullet63mm Brass Case (Series W)
bullet63mm Stainless Steel Case (Series J)
bullet100mm Stainless Steel Case (Series X)
bullet100mm Elite All Stainless Steel (Series W)
bullet100 mm "H" Series
bulletSevere Service ABS Case (Series J)
bulletPrecision Service:
bulletQuality (Series H)
bulletMastergauge (Series E)
bulletTest (Series D)
bulletInspector's Test (Series D)
bulletProcess Gauges:  Process-Dry and Liquid Filled (Series P)
bulletDiaphragm Gauges:
bulletLow Pressure (Series G)
bulletGas Pressure Test Set
bulletBimetal Thermometers & Wells (Series L)
bulletTridicators (Series Y)
bulletIndustrial Thermometers & Wells (Series Y)
bulletVapor Tension Thermometers (Series K)
bulletLiquid Actuated Indicators and Controllers (Series G)
bulletHVAC/R Gauges:
bulletContractor's HVAC (Series W)
bulletHeating System (Series W)
bulletRefrigeration Ammonia (Series W)
bulletManifold "Reds" & "Blues" (Series W)
bulletSpecial Applications:
bulletSprinkler (Series W)
bulletWater (Series G)
bulletX-Mas Tree (Series W)
bullet Parts & Accessories for Gauges
bulletTransducer / Indicators:
bulletSeries 200 Transducers
bulletHandheld Digital Pressure Indicator

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